Book Manu Maharani Nainital: For A Sweet Honeymoon!
24.03.2014 11:42

                                Book Manu Maharani Nainital | Image Resource: themanumaharani.com

Are you newly married and on a search for a honeymoon destination where you can enjoy the solitude amidst picturesque vistas? Then, book Manu Maharani Nainital where you will be literally engulfed in the warm hospitality of the staffs and the luxurious comforts of the rooms and suites. The stylish and well designed interiors are both a real feast for the eyes and soul as they literally lift you to the heights of well being and happiness! You actually feel that you are blessed to be born in this earth and also to have visited this enchanting hill station!

Once you book Manu Maharani Nainital you can enjoy the pristine beauty of the Kumaon Hills and also the breathtaking beauty of the Naini valley. There is no greater pleasure than watching the glittering Naini Lake from the confines of your elegant rooms. The exclusive interiors and the magnificent exteriors create a lasting spell and it is a common sight to see the guests enjoying their breakfast in the sun desks to soak the warmth of the sun ! The magnetic charm of this hotel is that it is beautiful combination of traditional hospitality and contemporary charm and the guests can enjoy intensive levels of relaxation and comfort!

The accommodation options are classified as Standard, Premium, Club, Terrace, Duplex, and Suite. All these rooms are spaciously designed and have bathrooms that are fitted with all modern fittings and individual shower cubicle. The Premium guestrooms offer a panoramic view of the Naini Valley and ensure a comfortable stay!


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